's European DDR IR is now open

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Kontaktdaten:'s European DDR IR is now open

Beitrag von MAIcrosoft » Fr 18. Feb 2005, 10:10

yea. just like NNR (which was down or something?), europe now has its own IR (Internet ranking) system. The system features you to input scores for every arcade mix thats out and those to come, and each song in every mode you can play it on and its also possible to keep your Oni's, and much more. go check it yourself! to register at the IR you must be living in EUROPE, since the system is europe only atm. If you want to register you must have an account on BemaniEurope itself first (for the boards) or you must be on the irc channel of bemanieurope. The reason of this is because if you want to sign up for the IR, youll need a specific code/password for your country which only can be obtained by sending a PM to one of the staff members. Your data will then be verified and youll get the code if your data appears to be correct. after you get the code, you can register for an account on the IR.


Bemanieurope Home:

Bemanieurope IR:

Bemanieurope IRC channel:

and enjoy the scorekeeping ~_^

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Beitrag von Lord_Glenn » Fr 18. Feb 2005, 20:33

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Beitrag von Reddy79 » Sa 19. Feb 2005, 14:52

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continue here
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Beitrag von CuoReNeRo » Mo 21. Feb 2005, 18:07

Now you can submit oni scores. We will add more features soon.


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