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Pump it Up ZERO

Beitrag von rb3 » Mo 14. Nov 2005, 21:16

...comming soon.
ein kleiner "trailer":


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Beitrag von akku » Mo 14. Nov 2005, 21:48

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Beitrag von Xen » Di 15. Nov 2005, 09:29

Also bei mir klappt alles.

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Beitrag von rb3 » Fr 2. Dez 2005, 05:23

hier sind ein paar infos dazu:

http://img369.imageshack.us/img369/2944 ... 0014xv.jpg

[awesome image c/o the pumpcore thread]

Preemptive edit:
Rumor has it that all six Exceed SE songs are included, and another Kpop license is 'Chinese Restaurant' by Louis; a song that sounds like Smiley and E-Paksa got locked in a recording studio together.
Rest assured: it's unlike anything else AM's ever licensed. It is weird.

After finally checking out the (incredible) preview video, I can confirm a few new awesome details, which are added below.

The coolest thing by far has to be the BGA Preview system: getting to check out the videos before playing the song. On top of that, the new songs look and sound incredible.

I've never been happier to be close to a D&B; Zero is going to be the mix to end them all.

The next mix's title is confirmed as Pump It Up: Zero, with a brand new interface, a new beginner mode, and (finally) the ability for two different players to use separate difficulties.
A snazzy preview trailer is now available for download both at http://www.pumpcore.com and http://www.ph-online.net, but since you have to have visited those sites at one point or another, you likely went to them first anyway.

More as it happens, as always, at very least as I keep up with it.

Confirmed so far:
- New interface, including the Background Animation Preview System
- New Beginner mode, 'Easy Station'
- 'Mission' Mode
- 'Another' stepcharts (so far for: Eres Para Mi, Mr. Larpus, I'll Give You All My Love, Solitary 2, Naissance 2, Vook)
- Alternate modes for different players
- Hidden extras galore
- Banya songs: Phantom, 'Part of the Memories #2' (which = ?), Love Is A Danger Zone 2, Beat Of The War 2(a beta of which is available for download at Yahpp's website, [url]http://yahpp.millim.com[/url)
- K-Pop: 'Friend' - ChoPD
- Pop: The return of American Licenses! (I've got huge hopes for this one), certain Exceed SE originals included (I Love You Baby confirmed so far)
- Forever Love has new steps! [special mention]

[old post:]
As some of you may know, the next mix is already well into the development stages.
Also, it will NOT be called Exceed 3. Andamiro's doing something new this time around.

There's also a few details that're trickling out from the good folk in Seoul. Some of which has been released, many more of which are still tightly under wraps.

Here I'll list what's been confirmed, and safely released to the public, and I'll update with new details as they arrive. (The perfectly clear ones, at least. )

The American finalists and key support crew are in Korea as we speak for the World Pump Festival competition, and there's a huge gaming convention, G Star, going on at the same time.

Rumor, or at least a very strong hope, has it that the next mix will debut either at this convention, or at the WPF itself.

At very least, it's likely quite close to completion, and hopefully will reach our shores not long after.

What follows is a transcript of Arturo(Texas/nationwide supporter and 'Media Czar')'s report from Korea, and details of what he's been allowed to give us.
The details pertaining to the next mix are highlighted.

Arturo wrote:
Wow, been so busy, sorry. Even though we were gonna be on our own, since we came early before WPF started, our generous hosts at Andamiro have been ferrying us all over town and "babysitting" us, lol. So, we've been REALLY busy with everthing that's going on.

Bringing things up-to-date since the last post, I landed at Seoul's Incheon Airport, went through customs, and found not just my translator to meet me, but in a surprise and classy move, Yahpp himself came to greet me (and the other Americans, who were soon to arrive). We chatted for awhile, as there was about an hour to wait for the others, and I met some of the others on the WPF organizing committee. Yahpp, sorry to say, was "walking," using a cane, due to a broken foot. When asking him about the source of the injury, he jokingly claimed it was because of his "gangster" life. I told him it must have really been because of soju (a popular Korean liquor).

The other 7 Americans soon arrived, we chatted, and then we all set out for our hotels. I must say here that when we went to get our vehicle, we found it parked in the most sparking, clean, freshly-painted parking garage I've ever seen. Much of Seoul is that way, it seems thus far, as they seem to be very conscious not only of their personal appearance (the right haircut, glasses, clothes, etc.), but of their city's appearance as well. Their bridges are all grandly illuminated. And their skyline, sort of a mini-Hong Kong along both banks of the Han River, is really spectacular, surrounded by mountains.

After a very luxurious night in the W Hotel (not the official WPF Hotel, but where Smidget, MissionPossible and I stayed at a greatly-discounted rate), we were picked up in the morning today by Yahpp and Min-Hwa, a (female) marketing team member. We had a meeting there at the hotel, and then Yahpp left to return to work, while Min-Hwa became our lovely guide and translator for the rest of the day. We met up with the other 5 Americans downtown, along with Sera (a cool Korean freestyler and former Supporter, who is on the WPF staff) in one of the shopping districts. Shopped around a bit, in a 11-story arcade building -- you just kept going up escalators to yet another floor (shopping your way to Heaven? lol ).

Then, it was time to visit "Enter," Andamiro's arcade. We arrived and no one was playing their two machines (school was just letting out), so we seized them. It didn't take long for Smidget to draw a little crowd, with some of the school boys suffering wowage, drawing their friends over to watch. Things gradually grew, as the speeders (Rick and Jason) were also impressing the locals. Sera showed us some freestyles as well, and then we finally pulled BJ off the Taiko Drum Master (I think that's the name) long enough for him to attract another crowd to his freestyle style, lol.

Smidget, Adolfo and I then left the others there, while Sera took us to Andamiro headquarters for Adolfo to interview (for his documentary film) Yahpp, James Ko (President of AM USA) and Satinder Bhutani (VP Marketing, AM USA), and for us all to tour the facilities.

We met with Yahpp in his office, complete with piano keyboards, guitars, and computers. He showed us some of the new songs for the new version. Yes, we know the new version's name, but are still sworn to secrecy, but as far as the new songs (I believe he said 6 BanYas), we can tell you that Beat of the War 2 is confirmed, as well as Love is a Danger Zone 2. We also heard a really, really cool remix, with tons of songs, but I don't think it's in the new version. Could be wrong, so hope that I am, cuz it was a killer remix.

As an added bonus, MS Goon also stopped by for awhile, embarrassed that I recognized him, lol. We also met back up with Min-Hwa during the Yahpp session, and the webmaster, Macnom also finally arrived.

After Yahpp, the interviews with the others commenced in other offices. We learned that there are some new American pop songs in the new version.

We also toured the large office cubicle area, where many of the programmers work. We saw one dedicated worker, toiling late on the animated new version title. I also noticed a new unlock screen, so expect something there.

We then left Andamiro and went out to dinner. Took the subway back by ourselves (our first time alone on the subway! lol), and promptly realized they told us the wrong stop, so got out, walked across the river (no, not actually on the water, dammit...lol) and found this PC bang to come post in on the way back to hotel.

Whew! Gotta run. So much to do tomorrow and sleep beckons (a little jetlag).

Oh, btw, I also learned that we'll have a celebrity judge at WPF -- Pump artist and member of the legendary former group, Seo Taiji and Boys:
Lee Juno ("To the Top")!!! No BanYa concert or other Pump artists, with the remote exception of a violinist who has worked with Yahpp on BanYa projects before.

Tomorrow morning we're off again, this time being escorted to G-Star, the huge gaming expo (bigger than Tokyo Game Show) to get our fill of all things new in gaming! So, off to bed. And to find a taxi.

Back tomorrow.


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Beitrag von Daxim » Fr 2. Dez 2005, 08:27

and another Kpop license is 'Chinese Restaurant'
Ich hatte einmal eine Signatur, und sie war gut.


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