PIU NX Announced

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PIU NX Announced

Beitrag von rb3 » Sa 11. Nov 2006, 22:10

Ein neues PIU wurde angekuendigt.


K Pop
Hold The Line - B.E.G. (Brown Eyed Girls) & Cho PD
One Night - DJ DOC
Fly - Epik High
Go Back - Dynamic Duo
For You - N.Ex.T
Lovely - Joo Kook Kim
Snow Dream - Apple Jam
Free - Jiny
Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young Go - Hyun Jin Young
So - Typhoon
Terminal Depository - Ururbu Project
U Inside My Dim Memory - Jin Yang Hyun VS Yahpp

BanYa Production
Arch of Darkness - Yahpp (of BanYa)
Chimera - Yahpp (of BanYa) (the Mozart remix) - 210 BPM
Final Audition Episode 2-1 - Yahpp (of BanYa) - 170 BPM
Final Audition Episode 2-2 - 200 BPM
Bullfighter's Song - BanYa
Witch Doctor #1 - Yahpp(of BanYa) - 122 BPM
Do You Know That -Old School- - BanYa
Love Song - BanYa
Gun Rock - BanYa (RAW, remixed)
Ugly Dee - BanYa

Hybs - DJ Dookie
Bust Back - DVS
Throw Em Down - Andrew Kim

Hyang Liam - My Brother is Street Singer (?)
Hal-i-am - Haley
We Goin' Flyin - ?
Handsome Character That Pass (?) - ?

Full Versions
Kiss Me
Beethoven Virus
Beat of the War 2
Love Is A Danger Zone 2
U Inside My Dim Memory

All remixes from Zero [unlocked]
Chicago Remix [locked]
Groove Remix [locked]
Classical Remix 2 [locked]
Witch Doctor / Will o' the Wisp / two more songs
More unlisted remixes and OSTs which couldn't be identified due to the lock icon

Pray - Som 2
Guilty Conscience - U'Two (renamed as 'Mistake'
Lazenca, Save Us - NeXT
Come Back To Me - Deux
Circus Magic - Crying Nut

New Steps
Dignity Full Remix - Nightmare
Canon-D Full - Hard

All Anothers from Zero: unlocked
Love is a Danger Zone [Another CZ]: unlocked - Division all-wild steps
Mr. Larpus [Another CZ]: unlocked
She Likes Pizza [Another NM]: locked
Hi-Bi [Another NM]: locked
Csikos Post [Another NM]: locked
What Do You Really Want [Another CZ, NM]: locked
Phantom [Another NM]: locked
Dr. M [Another CZ]: locked
Fighting Spirits [Another CZ, NM]: locked
Kiss Me [Another NM]: locked
Deja Vu [Another NM]: locked
Shake It Up [Another NM]: locked
Final Audition Episode 1 [Another HD, CZ, NM]: locked
Bee [Another CZ]: locked
Beethoven Virus [Another CZ]: locked
Gun Rock [Another]: locked
Final Audition Episode 2-1 [Another]: locked
Final Audition Episode 2-2 [Another]: locked
Chimera [Another]: locked

Removed Songs
Hate - BanYa
Pumping Up - BanYa
My Way - BanYa
Street Showdown - BanYa
Free Style - BanYa

Diese Angaben koennen sich aber evtl noch aendern.

Quelle: www.bemanistyle.com


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